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Brief History of the Software

1.0.0The first stable version released
1.1.0Version check for update is added
1.1.1Importing inventory from MDB file added
1.1.4Employee importing, cache disabling added
1.1.6UX theme added
1.2.6Importing Inventoy, Employee, Modifier from MDB added
1.3.0Hide Order Type on Receipt Option added
1.3.1Modifier Management enhanced
1.3.2Low Qty Report added
1.3.5Split by Item bug fixed, Low Qty Alert added
1.3.9Emergency recovery password added
1.4.1Barcode Label Printing, Sale by Time, Ticket barcode tracking added
1.4.2Customer import from MDB added
1.5.4Giftcard Payment certified
1.5.8Open Drawer Only for Cash Sale option added
1.6.7Tip & Total line option in Customer Copy added
1.7.8Barcode printer feature for Arcade added
1.7.9Time based Sale feature added
1.8.0Time based Sale feature added
1.9.4Supplier management feature added
1.9.8Receipt w/o Price Gift feature added
1.9.8Receipt w/o Price Gift feature added
2.0.4Employee ID Card login feature added
2.0.7Selective Partial Refund feature added
2.1.7Advanced Search on Sale feature added
2.2.0Nearest 5 cents rounding feature added
2.2.2Partial Tax Exemption feature added
2.2.4PCCharge Integration feature added
2.2.5Lable Printer Support added
2.3.1Multiple Barcodes on Single Item supported
2.3.5Custom Tax, Deposit feature added
2.4.5Age Verification feature added
2.5.6Database engine upgrated to v2.5.2
2.5.7Tip Spreading feature added
2.5.8Walk-in Waiting List feature added
2.6.4Commission feature for Salon added
2.7.1IDCard Login/Permission feature enhanced
2.7.2Convenient Number Input Supports minus amount
2.7.9Qt library update to 4.8.4
3.1.2Package feature added
3.1.8On Hand item added to reports
3.2.4Invetory Qty report added
3.2.6Sales by Item and UPC report added
3.2.8US-PIN Debit Sale for Mercury added
3.3.1Bill/Receipt can hide modifier price
3.3.3Modifier can be connected to MenuItem
3.3.7Qty update performance enhanced
3.3.8Selective Clock-in/out report
3.4.3Force to Recalculate Ticket for Splitted Bills added
3.4.7Individual Click-In/Out Report added
3.5.5Pre-defined Tip Percentage feature added
3.6.0Employee can have multiple-roles assigned on Clock-In
3.7.0Verifone PAYware Connect integrated
3.7.4UPC embedded price feature added
3.7.9Seat number option added, Ticket Reopen added
3.8.1Clock-In/Out Summary Report added
3.9.1Cash In/Out History report added
3.9.5Surcharge Feature added
4.0.1Soft Calibration for Weigh Scale added
4.1.0Sale by Employee, Payment Type and Terminal Report added
4.1.8Group Discount Feature added